Mavis & Debra

Debra has always been close to her mother, Mavis, but when the retired Army transcriptionist started repeating herself and becoming belligerent, Debra knew something was wrong. Frustrated and exasperated, Debra came to McCormick Dementia Services and found support in a group of strangers, and in turn, discovered something that would help shape her relationship with her mother in a new and surprising way.

By The Numbers

According to The Alzheimers Society of Canada, it costs Canadians $10.4 billion every year to care for those living with dementia.

The World Health Organization notes that “although dementia mainly affects older people, it is not a normal part of ageing. Dementia is a syndrome, usually of a chronic or progressive nature, caused by a variety of brain illnesses that affect memory, thinking, behaviour and ability to perform everyday activities.”