Living with dementia does not mean that quality of life no longer matters. Our day program provides a diverse and stimulating range of activities based on the personal needs and backgrounds of our clients. In addition, our program benefits caregivers by giving them a sense of reassurance that their loved one is well taken care of so that they can have some often much-needed time for themselves. Our clients are involved in small and large group programs based on their interests and abilities, where the goal is always to have clients succeed in whatever activity they choose to participate.

Since 1985, our highly experienced team of professionals has been delivering a high quality day program to individuals with dementia and has become the largest program of its kind in Ontario. We not only understand dementia and the challenges it can present, we make it possible for clients and caregivers to achieve an enhanced quality of life despite a dementia diagnosis.

Each client’s social-recreational history is obtained upon admission and is used to guide the staff in developing a person-centred, individualized program.